Submissions Tracker

Installation Instructions


Download and install the above.
Unzip the connector download, the JDBC Connector .jar file belongs in the Tomcat 'common\lib' directory
create a user called'subtrack' password 'password' using MySQL Administrator.
Then restore (Using administrator) the database schema from backup file .
Ensure that the user subtrack has full access to the schema 'subtrack'.
Download latest '.war' file rename to 'Subtrack.war' and copy to the Tomcat 'webapps' directory.
start tomcat, open browser and browse to http://localhost:8080/SubTrack/ .
This allows you to setup 'static' data used elsewhere.
Enter a couple of sizes/lengths, genres and Market Types to get started.
e.g. Genre - Romance, Fantasy; Sizes - Short, Novel; Market Types - Publisher, Agent
or Genre - Rock, Country; Sizes - Single, Album; Market Types - Radio, Agent etc.

Still needs a bit more thought really :-)