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A few concepts
'SubTrack' is based on the idea that all material that can be submitted for publication ('Work') should be 'out there' on someones desk (the 'Market') for them to decide if they will publish or not.

For each piece of Work entered the user selects from the list of available Markets which ones interest them and in what order. These are the 'Intentions'.

Markets can be open or closed, and they can already have a piece of Work at them.

An intention can be acted upon, at which point the Work is 'Submitted', it is then not on your desk but, a publishers :-)

The 'To Do' screen of SubTrack shows all the pieces of Work that you haven't done anything about and can therefore never be published! The next 'available' Market is also shown, thus saving you from having to work out what to do next.

When Work is returned that Submission is finished with and your next Intention is suggested

But don't feel you have to follow the suggested route, if you want to send all your Work to the same Market at the same time even though it is closed, Subtrack won't stop you, but it would never suggest doing such a thing.

Work Markets
Intention Submission